Northern Great Plains History Conference

The Society for Military History sponsors sessions at the NGPHC. We encourage graduate students as well as faculty, government, and independent historians to submit proposals for papers or sessions. We view “military history” in much the way the Journal of Military History views the subject. The SMH Conference Coordinator works closely with the Conference Program Chair to ensure the strongest possible conference. We coordinate session development and scheduling.

The SMH and the First Division Musesum, Cantigny, co-sponsor the SMH-FDMC prize for the best paper by a graduate student in military history, valued at $400. Instructions for submission will accompany acceptance of your proposal.

The NGPHC sponsors a separate graduate paper prize. The SMH and FDMC sponsor the SMH-FDMC prize for the best paper by an undergraduate student in history, valued at $200. The Conference Program Chair handles these prizes. Contact the CPC for more information on the general conference, or to submit a proposal that is not within military history. The NGPHC welcomes graduate and undergraduate students, and faculty, government historians, and independent scholars.

First Division Museum Cantigny

The FDMC supports the SMH and the cause of history by co-funding both the SMH-FDMC Prize for the best Graduate Paper in Military History and by co-funding the SMH-FDMC prize for the best Paper by an Undergraduate Student in History presented at the NGPHC. The Graduate Prize is worth $400, and the Undergraduate Prize is worth $200.

Rules for the Graduate Prize

The prize consists of a certificate and a monetary award. The prize is currently valued at $400. The recipient must be present to win.
The paper must be authored by an enrolled (at the time of submission) graduate student. The student's major professor must verify the student status. The paper should normally be presented in an SMH-sponsored session, unless combining it with others in a regular NGPHC session is more desirable. You should not present the same paper at another conference, and the winning paper should not be presented elsewhere, especially in competition.
The SMH coordinator will select three commentators/chairs to serve as judges. The judges should not have graduate students in their sessions.

Papers must be submitted promptly and must follow the guidelines and requirements to be competitive. Winners must be present to win.

Submissions for the CFDM-SMH Prize are due to Dr. Joseph Fitzharris by approximately 1 September at jcfitzharris <at>

Rules for the Undergraduate Prize

Any undergraduate paper presented in the general sessions of the conference. Ideally, the winning paper should show the benefit of primary research as well as secondary research. The usual scholarly expectations of format, source-noting, bibliography, etc. would be expected.
The prize consists of a certificate and a monetary award. The prize is currently valued at $200. Winner must be present to win. Paper should not be/have been presented at another conference.

The Conference Chair or Program Director will select the judges.

NOTA BENE:  If, in the opinion of the judges, no prize should awarded, there will be no award. The decisions of the judges are final.

Current Call For Papers List of Winners of the SMH–FDMC Graduate Paper Prize
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For more information, please contact the SMH Conference Coordinator: Joe Fitzharris
jcfitzharris at
Professor Emeritus of History
432 JRC, University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105 USA