Guides and references for the Tourist Visiting Battlefields


A particularly good reference for those going on tour is Mark Grimsley's "How to Read a Civil War Battlefield," which was last available at He includes a considerable amount of other useful information. As of this writing, the link did not work. If you are unable to find a copy online, and are in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you may contact me to obtain a copy.

You might also find the Army's staff ride guides helpful. These are used to instruct officers, NCOs, and cadets, in tactics, strategy, the operational art, and in the ethics of the profession of arms. They are found primarily at:

Center for Military History Staff Ride Guides:
US Army Combined Arms Center, Combat Studies Institute, Staff Ride Guides: 

The USMA History Department and other commands also create and put online staff rides. The USMC’s Marine Corps University Grey Research Library lists a number of staff rides as well:

Published War College guides to battles/campaigns:

The University of Kansas Press has published the following U.S. Army War College Guides to Civil War Battles

Guide to the Atlanta Campaign: Rocky Face Ridge to Kennesaw Mountain. Jay Luvaas and Harold W. Nelson, eds. 2008. 384 pages, illus. Cloth ISBN 978-0-7006-1569-8 $39.95. Paper ISBN 978-0-7006-1570-4 $17.95

Guide to the Battle of Antietam. Jay Luvaas and Harold W. Nelson, eds. 1996. 336 pages, illus. Paper 978-0-7006-0784-6 $14.95

Guide to the Battle of Chickamauga. Matt Spruill, ed. 1993. xv, 312 pages, illus. Paper 978-0-7006-0596-5 $15.95

Guide to the Battle of Gettysburg. Jay Luvaas and Harold W. Nelson, eds. 1994. xiv, 240 pages, illus. Paper 978-0-7006-0686-3 $12.95

Guide to the Battle of Shiloh. Jay Luvaas, Leonard Fullenkamp, and Steven Bowman, eds. 1996. 232 pages, illus. Cloth 978-0-7006-0782-2 $29.95. Paper 978-0-7006-0783-9 $12.95

Guide to the Battles of Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg. Jay Luvaas and Harold W. Nelson, eds. 1988. xviii, 364 pages, illus. Paper 978-0-7006-0785-3 $14.95

Guide to the Vicksburg Campaign. Leonard Fullenkamp, ed. 1998. 432 pages, illus. Cloth 978-0-7006-0922-2 $39.95. Paper 978-0-7006-0923-9 $17.95

The University of Nebraska published a number of guides under the Bison Books imprint:
Antietam, South Mountain, and Harpers Ferry. Ethan S. Rafuse. paperback (2008) 978-0-8032-3970-8 $21.95
Shiloh. Mark Grimsley. paperback (2006). 978-0-8032-7100-5 $19.95
Gettysburg. Mark Grimsley. paperback (1999) 978-0-8032-7077-0 $18.95
The Peninsula and Seven Days. Brian K. Burton. paperback (2007) 978-0-8032-6246-1 $21.95
Wilson's Creek, Pea Ridge, and Prairie Grove.  Earl J. Hess.  paperback (2006) 978-0-8032-7366-5 $19.95
Chickamauga.  Steven E. Woodworth. paperback (1999) 978-0-8032-9802-6 $16.95